Believe that life is worth living,
and live a worthy life…

For eons, deep thinkers have addressed the question of the meaning of life.

But two issues have not been settled yet!

Is ‘living for the sake of others’ the most worthy way of life?

What if one does not even ‘feel worthy enough’ of any kind of living?

This blog explores the discourse of some major influencers,
including that of my own mentor of many years, the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Really, is life worth living?
James Bond, the Reckless
James Bond
Sun Myung Moon, the Optimist
Sun Myung Moon
Guess not, but do this….
Arthur Schopenhauer, the Pessimist
Arthur Schopenhauer
Maybe. It depends on the liver.
William James, the Skeptic
William James
“Of course,” said Huck.
Mark Twain, the Cynic
Mark Twain
An absurd question.
Jean-Paul Sartre, the Nihilist
Jean-Paul Sartre
Don’t worry, live and let live.
Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic
Marcus Aurelius
Why are there no women quoted here?

It is not usually our ideas that make us optimists or pessimists, but it is our optimism or our pessimism, of physiological or perhaps pathological origin, as much the one or the other, that makes our ideas.

Miguel de Unamuno, The Tragic Sense of Life
Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.
Thomas Merton


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In The Meantime, What’s Going On?

I cannot help but put in a plug for former Berkeley professor John Searle sharing his insights on the logical structure of human civilization. Why? I have always been interested in learning where conventions come from, that is, the beliefs, the laws, and the norms of cultures and societies.

Humans fabricate things; that is, humans intentionally manipulate the natural world to a degree that sets them apart from animals. Sure, birds build nests, and beavers build dams, but only humans manage to drive cars. But all that industrious activity would not be possible without language and the establishment of social conventions like promises and contracts.

Hearing John Searle out will allow a listener to understand better the logical structure of human civilization, which also includes the realm of religion.

What Others Say

Tom gave me a lot of his time and expertise and made my dating efforts soo much clearer. Thanks! Prospects look great and I am happy.
Savannah, Ohio
I did not know how to prioritize my desires. Tom upgraded my mind, and I am doing rather well now.
George, California
Needed some tips for my intentional life. So, got some ideas from Tom and now can focus on what I do best.
Sarah, Colorado
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a great resource as it summarizes volumes of knowledge. The articles are dense, but written with ordinary readers in mind.
AEON and PSYCHE are unique digital magazines that publish profound and provocative essays on all kinds of issues. I have been subscribing for years now and am richer in mind for it.
Artificial Intelligence
I have tried the various chatbots and have gotten good answers. Knowing how to ask pertinent questions is a learned skill, though. The better the questions, the better the answers. Do not trust but verify!