This site features the artwork of Harriet G. Moore, the late American sculptor. Most pieces are sold.

falling fire

Falling Fire (sold)

This figure was originally dedicated to the Fallen of Operation Desert Storm (the Iraq War). Falling Fire, 1992, glazed terracotta, 5 ft. wide and it’s heavy, mounts on wall.It can be repainted over again...

Erotic Candlesticks (out of stock)

Whoa, are you over 21? Look away if you are not. Otherwise, get these candle holders as they will lighten up passions for sure. Erotic Candlesticks, 2016, resin, bronzed and patinated, 14 inches. These...

lion mask

Lion Mask (sold)

Hangs on the wall. Lion Mask, 1990, terracotta, painted, 24 inches. Has a few visible cracks from being broken once and mended by the artist.