Conversion Calculator

Grams or Fluid Counces? Fahrenheit or Celsius? I wish the US would adopt the European metric system sooner than later. But who cares? In the meantime, please help yourself with these plain and simple conversion calculators.

Conversion Calculator

Weight (Mass) - light

One Ounce is 28.34952 Grams.
One Gram is 0.03527396195 Ounces.

Weight (Mass) - heavy

One Pound is 0.45359237 Kilograms.
One Kilogram is 2.20462262185 Pounds.


One degree Fahrenheit is -17.2 degree Celsius.
One degree Celsius is 33.8 degree Fahrenheit.
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Volume to Weight

1 cup whole wheat flour = 113 g
1 cup bread flour = 120 g
1 cup AP flour = 120 g
1 cup water = 227 g


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